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Special Jury Prize at the Baia Mare International Festival during the France Romania Season

SACD Multi-screen Writing Prize - Winner S.T.ARTS Europe Ircam - Centre Pompidou


An adaptation of Boris Vian's famous novel, for an actor moving through 20 visual, sound and digital tableaux. The challenge of this creation is to bring the subjective vision of the character to life on stage and to show the alteration of his universe by his emotions. The set design is imagined as an interactive stage, a digital support to Vian's surrealist poetry.


Colin is a well-to-do young man who loves jazz and love and hates violence and work. Inflated with love, he lives in a world that he imagines and in which his strong emotions upset the laws of physics.


A thousand omens accumulate and lead Colin to Chloe. He finds true love. But Chloe falls ill. Soon, the windows refuse to let the light through, Colin's radiant universe shrinks, his room becomes a swampy, oozing sphere...


Duration of the show: 1 hour


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